Resonante »

Resonante is a simple instrument, or a filter, built using a plinth, vibrational speaker and aluminium sheet used in offset printing which then is excited with basic audio signals or a voice to play on its resonating frequencies.

Noiserinth »

Noiserinth is based on a spiral antenna plugged into a SDR dongle. The incoming audio signals are modulated and then processed futher with Pure Data on a Raspberry Pi.

Wheelchair Radio »

Wheelchair Radio

Wheelchair Radio is a location-specific sound instrument that allows the performer to use different shortwave radio frequencies as sound inputs.

Wheelchair Radio was built for the technological theatre play Säärane mulks and was performed on the 3-6th may 2012 at Cabaret Rhizome.


Sewer Theremin »

Sewer Theremin

Sewer Theremin was a site-specific sound instrument built for the performance held at the opening of Rovaniemi Design Week 2012 in collaboration with Dama8 workshop.

The soundscape was composed in real-time according to the gestures of the performer and most of the sonic material used were based on field-recordings done the week before at Rovaniemi.

Ebendieselbe »


Ebendieselbe is an acoustic, but with the characteristics of an electronic instrument. The self-built instrument is played with a bow and uses found metallic objects as filters to enhance the resonant qualities of metal wine glasses.

Ebendieselbe has mostly featured in collaboration with experimental sound and performance collective Postinstrumentum that has performed in numerous locations in Estonia and abroad.