Noisephony of Lawn Mowers

Noisephony of Lawn Mowers

The sounds of lawn mowing have become an essential component of anthrophony. It indicates stable and secure living conditions, men’s desire to control nature.

Historically, lawn has been a symbol of power and wealth as it required substantial upkeep and unused land. Today, it’s still an indication of wealth but is mainly maintaned by the owners themselves. This puts us in a schizophrenic situation where we strive to be priviledged by taking the role of the servants.

Noisephony of Lawn Mowers (Mürafoonia muruniidukitel) was composed and produced by Taavi Suisalu, conducted by Andrus Kallastu and was performed during the festival UIT.

Conductor: Andrus Kallastu

Performers: Kadri Toom, Nele Suisalu, Uku Pira, Kristjan Nagla, Taavi Viikman, Peeter Ivandi, Erki Pruul

Thanks: Janar Raidla, Arne Pilvar, Kalle Kindel, Taavi Novek, Mihkel Mikkelsaar, Taavi Ilves, Kärt Isak, Kalev Toom